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*Note* Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for use with Office 365
Your login id is your existing student email address. For example
Your password will be this format which is Atc (1st letter is upper case) + your date of birth. For example (Atc010155) ... Atcmmddyy format

You can use these instructions to setup your email on your mobile device.

HELP DESK:  On Campus:

Office 365 Faculty & Staff Email

Office 365 is here.

Accessing Your Email Through Outlook 365

Begin by navigating to or

  1. Type in your email address in the first field, then select the password field. Don't worry about putting in a password yet. Microsoft is going to first connect you to Office365 for Atlanta tech.

Adding Office 365 Mailbox to Outlook 2013

PDF Version

Step 1
Search Control Panel for "Mail"

Step 2
Click the Mail icon

Step 3
Click the "Show Profiles" button.

Step 4
Click the "Add" button.

Step 5
Let's call the new profile "ATC Office 365".

Step 6
Fill out your name, e-mail, and password and press "Next."

Faculty or staff, please use the following format ""

Students, please use the following format ""

Step 7
Outlook will verify that it completed the setup of your account. After it finishes click "Finish"

Step 8
You should now see your new "ATC Office 365" profile. Under Always use this profile, select “ATC Office 365”

Step 9
Now enter your ATC username followed by “” for faculty and staff or “” for students.

Step 10
This is your new Office 365 mailbox.