This form must be submitted by the admissions application deadline and may significantly impact a studentís educational and career goals and your financial aid status. NOTE: Please be aware that you are allowed only one program change per semester. Carefully consider the following factors when re-entering or requesting a program change.

Admissions Requirements

  • You must complete this form to re-enter if you were previously enrolled at ATC at any time or if you applied for admission, but never attended.
  • You must meet the admissions requirements for the requested program. COMPASS/ASSET test scores and high school diploma graduation status will be evaluated by the Admissions Office prior to approving the change.
  • The program change in some cases may make additional testing necessary. Additional learning support courses may also be required.
  • Not all credits earned under one program may necessarily apply to the new program. Changing programs may lengthen the time required to graduate ATC.
  • If it has been longer than 5 years since you were last enrolled, you must re-submit your high school and/or college transcript(s) from all previously attended institutions. You may also have to re-take the Compass exam ($15 fee required) if you do not meet the required college-level English and math.
Note: Atlanta Technical College reserves the right to hold test scores if fees are not paid or if test is not for the purpose of ATC enrollment.

Student Assistance Programs

  • If you receive benefits under student assistance programs (financial aid, veteranís benefits, WIA), you should discuss the possible impact of the change on the receipt of benefits. Program changes may be limited and/or may affect your eligibility.
  • Please see a Financial Aid Officer, WIA Coordinator, or Veterans Office to discuss the impact of the program change on your financial aid, WIA, or VA eligibility before you submit this request to the Admissions Office.

I have read and understand the impact this program change may have on my admissions and financial aid status. Failure to read and take the appropriate steps to change my program may delay my admission and registration. I also understand that I register during new first time student registration, not current student registration.

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